Friday, December 31, 2010

Thai Lakorn Blog

Hey guys I created this blog for people who are interested in Thai lakorns. All the information presented here is based on my own knowledge of only the lakorns I've seen. Below, you'll find casts and thorough summaries and spoilers of some Thai lakorns. Enjoy!
4 Hua Jai Haeng Khun Khao: Thara Himalai
Genre- Comedy, Romance
Aum Atichart Chumnanont as Prince Puwanate/Bupen
Kim Kimberly Ann Voltemas as Tiptara/Naam
Kong Surawit Suboon as Dr. Nat
Maneerat Kumoun as Pam
Mark Prin Suparat as Patapee/Din
Boy Pakorn Chatborirak as Wayuphak/Lom
Barry Nadech Kugimiya as Akkhanee/Fai
Mam Jintara Sukhapat as Supansa, the quadruplets' mother
Num Santisuk Promsiri as Montri, the quadruplets' father

Summary: Supansa and Montri Adisuanrangsan has quadruplets via GIFT which consists of three boys and a girl. The eldest is Patapee, followed by Wayuphak, Akkhanee, and Tiptara whose nicknames are Din, Lom, Fai, and Naam, respectively. Din runs the family's resort business while Lom runs the family's winery. Fai takes care of the family's farm and Naam is a doctor.
Prince Puwanate is from the kingdom of Parawat. When some corrupt government officials tried to assassinate him, he is rescued by some Thai citizens and brought to the hospital that Naam works at. When he was brought to the hospital, he is unconscious, severely injured, unrecognizable, and has no identification on him. Naam pities him so she takes very good care of him and give him all the support so he can recover as fast as possible.
After attempting to assassinate the prince, the corrupt government officials replaced him with their own fake prince. The fake prince looks and sounds exactly like the real Prince Puwanate except for his attitude and personality. The fake prince was created so that the corrupt government officials could easily carry out orders under the King's nose without the King's suspicion. With the fake prince near the throne, the corrupt officials could easily take over Parawat.
When the real Prince Puwanate finally awakens in the hospital, Naam asks him his name and whereabouts. He replies that he is Prince Puwanate of Parawat. Naam does not believe him because his face is still unrecognizable and she has seen the fake prince on TV. She pities him because she thinks that he is a foreigner suffering memory loss. When the Prince's loyal bodyguard, Rajiv, find out that the Prince is not yet dead; he secretly devises a plan to bring the real Prince Puwanate back to Parawat. He secretly sends the Prince letters and money. For his safety, the Prince begins to play along with Naam about his memory loss. During a rehabilitation session, he tells Naam that he has forgotten his name and where he came from. Naam gives him a new temporary name, Bupen. She promises to help him until he gets his memory back so she asks her brother Fai, for Bupen to work at the farm. To protect him, Naam tells Bupen to pretend that he cannot hear or talk, in which he agrees to do.
Back in the kingdom of Parawat, the corrupt government officials secretly drug the King. When the King is very ill, he puts his fake son, Prince Puwanate in charge of the kingdom, not knowing that the real one is in Thailand. This makes it easy for the corrupt officials to tell the fake Prince what to do and to carry out orders. The fake Prince does everything the corrupt officials tell him to do.
Things run smoothly for Bupen back at the Adisuanrangsan farm. He starts to fall for Naam. Dr. Nat also has feelings for Naam. Din, Lom, and Fai do not know that Bupen has fallen for their sister but when they find out that Dr. Nat is hitting on her; they pull up and check Dr. Nat's background. The brothers suspect that Dr. Nat is gay because of his feminine personality. They come up with plans to prove to their sister that Dr. Nat is gay. After falling for the brothers' plans, Dr. Nat starts to think that he is gay himself. He is very shocked and scared so he confesses to Naam. Naam does not get mad him instead she supports him but he is still worried. Dr. Nat pour out his feelings to Pam, who is a nurse and Naam's best friend. Dr. Nat and Pam fall for each other.
The kingdom of Parawat is now ran by the corrupted officials and the fake Prince. The King is admitted into the hospital with bodyguards stationed at every corner and hall. Rajiv writes a letter to the real Prince Puwanate and tells him about the King's condition. After reading Rajiv's letter, Prince Puwanate becomes extremely worried and wants to return to Parawat, as he has already fully recovered. He shaves his beard and grooms himself and decided to tell Naam who he really is. He shows her his mole above his right eye and proves to her that he is the real Prince Puwanate because the fake Prince does not have that mole. Naam now believes him and tries to help him to safely return to his kingdom. One night, Naam is called to deliver a neighbor's baby. Prince Puwanate drives her to the neighbor's house while it is pouring rain outside. The baby is safely delivered but Naam and Prince Puwanate are unable to return home in the rain so their neighbors asked them to spend the night, in which they do and Naam loses her virginity to Prince Puwanate. The next morning when the rain ceased, Din, Lom, and Fai go out to find their sister. Lom finds Naam and Prince Puwanate first and Naam tells her brother everything that happened between her and the Prince. She tells him all the truth except that Bupen is actually Prince Puwanate. Instead, she lies to him and tells him that he is just from a rich family from Parawat. Lom is furious but accepts truth. He helps Naam and Prince Puwanate to get to Parawat. Naam and the Prince disguise themselves along the way until they meet Rajiv and Warun, who is another loyal bodyguard. Rajiv and Warun hides the Naam and the Prince in a safe place and devises another plan to get the Prince back in the palace.
After helping his sister and the Prince get to Parawat, Lom starts to worry. Din and Fai start to notice something fishy about Lom so they confront it with him. The parents and brothers force the truth out of him. Pam and Dr. Nat who knew the truth all along are also brought in to reveal the truth. Everyone learns that Bupen is actually the Prince Puwanate of Parawat. Everyone in the family is furious and worried especially their mother. The parents ordered the brothers to go find Naam in Parawat. When the brothers make it to Parawat, they stay at the same hotel as Naam and the Prince but they do not know it. When the real Prince Puwanate sees the brothers at the entrance of the hotel, he orders some soldiers to relocate the three to a safe place.
In the end, the fake Prince and the corrupt government officials are killed, the King recovers, and Naam is shot. While she is in the hospital, her brothers are freed and go visit her. They tell their sister that as soon as she recovers, they must return home. Meanwhile, Prince Puwanate tells his parents about Naam. The King and Queen accept their relationship but Prince Puwanate also has to marry another woman. It is their tradition for the heir to have more than one wives. Plus, Naam is a foreigner so that makes her the lesser wife. The King visits Naam in the hospital and tells her about their tradition. Naam is very sad so she leaves the hospital the next day. Prince Puwanate follows her all the way back to Thailand and asks for her hand in marriage. Naam's parents give him the green light and the two wed in Thailand. Just as Prince Puwanate is about to put the ring on Naam's finger, the King and Queen shows up and accepts Naam as the rightful future Queen of Parawat.

4 Hua Jai Haeng Khun Khao: Duangjai Akkhanee
Genre- Comedy, Romance

Barry Nadech Kugimiya as Akkhanee/Fai
Yaya Urassaya Sperbund as Ajjima/Jeed
Mark Prin Suparat as Patapee/Din
Boy Pakorn Chatborirak as Wayuphak/Lom
Gubgib Sumonthip Leuangthai as Mew
Nam Ronnadech Wongsarot as Preuk
Boy Chokchai Boonworametee as Sila
San Panomkorn Tungtatsawat as Kraipope
Grerk Chiller as Noo Tor
Air Pantila Fuklin as Peemai
Got Jirayu Tantrakul as Yai
Mam Jintara Sukhapat as Supansa, the quadruplet's mother
Num Santisuk Promsiri as Montri, the quadruplet's father